Dell OpenManage System Administrator Startup Error – DSM SA Shared Services cannot start on an unsupported system

OK so what if you’re using CentOS on some Dell hardware and you’ve installed Dell OpenManage System Administrator (OMSA).  You might receive the following error when you try to start it up!

Starting Systems Management Data Engine:

Failed to start because system is not supported dsm_om_shrsvc: DSM SA Shared Services cannot start on an unsupported system. See the Dell Systems Software Support Matrix for a list of supported systems.

To work around this, edit /opt/dell/srvadmin/sbin/CheckSystemType

Look for



Comment this line out:

# “$SMBIOS_UTIL” | grep “OEM String 1″ | awk -F”:” ‘{print $2}’ | grep -qi

Now try to start srvadmin and you should be good.




  1. Another better solution is to upgrade smbios as I found that versions before 2.2.7 did not include the OEM String 1 line in the output of /usr/sbin/smbios-sys-info-lite. Upgrading solved the problem and everything worked without having to hack the file mentioned.

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